Voice Control

Voice Control 

Crestron technology blends artfully into the background, but it’s always ready to respond to your needs. You can dim the lights, lower your gorgeous shades and turn up the music with your voice using Josh.ai or Amazon Alexa. We take voice control to an awe-inspiring new level no other company can match; easily activate pre-set scenes, adjust settings to specific levels, or say more general commands like “I’m cold” or “It’s too dark” to have your Crestron system raise the temperature or turn up the lights. Whatever you need, just say the word with Crestron.

But why voice?

If you think about it, as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to proliferate, it is quite exciting to be able to connect and control the various systems in our homes remotely. Yes, it’s a luxury, but it’s also quite practical. We save energy by programming devices to turn themselves off when not in use. We gain peace of mind and convenience being able to access and monitor our homes remotely. And now that all devices and systems in the home can be networked together, thus working as a truly integrated system, where things go from here is limited only by our imaginations.

Now, imagine your home, connected, “smart”, efficient, and suddenly being able to use regular and natural voice commands, as if you were talking to a friend to recall scenes, turn lights on and off, or to perform any other function your home is connected to do.

Pretty cool, right? Cool, but also the next logical step. In various forms, this capability is no longer reserved for sci-fi TV or the mega-rich. Voice control is accessible to everyone and every budget.



Like Siri or Google Now, the Josh programming language is built to support natural language voice commands. This includes greetings, questions, instructions, and more. Further, Josh is built to control and connect any “smart” device, from any device. For example, with Josh you can turn on your speakers from your watch, change the temperature from your phone, shut off the lights from your desktop, etc. Initially, Josh is focused on the smart home, but over time it will evolve into a more general-purpose AI. Josh will go where you go, making your life easier and more productive.


Amazon Alexa is connected to your Amazon.com account and comes in many shapes and sizes. Starting with the affordable Echo Dot, to the top-of-the-line Echo Show and its gorgeous 10.1” screen, Alexa integrates into your lifestyle seamlessly as you see fit. Alexa also integrates natively with all Crestron systems. With Alexa, you have hands-free control over the various devices in your home using just your voice. If your Alexa of choice is the Dot or Show, Alexa will even connect to cameras or stream videos, news and much more.



At ZARO Media we integrate all available voice control systems. This includes Siri, Google Home, and of course Amazon Alexa and Josh.ai. If there is a voice control system yo’d prefer to use, but do not see it listed here, please let us know and we’ll do everything possible to try and make it happen.


With Crestron, your home is literally an extension of you and your lifestyle, making everything you love to do in your home easier to do. And when everything is easier, you feel more comfortable, peaceful, and secure. It’s the only complete, fully personalized, all-inclusive smart home, backed by renowned Crestron quality and reliability.


Crestron customers talk about how Amazon Alexa integrated with Crestron home automation enables them to command the world around them through voice controlled scenes and settings that are fully customized to their lifestyles.