The Team

Who we are

ZARO Media is an agile Smart Home Automation Company created by two developers (childhood friends since elementary school) with a focus on customer service, quality and creativity. Minimalists at heart, we are experts at efficient, scalable solutions that encourage transparency and maximum impact. We are your collaborators and partners, focused on building a solid long-term relationship, and your one-stop solution to all things tech.


Anthony Lazzaro

As a child it was clear Anthony had a creative personality. At first, this meant drawing. Later it meant a serious addiction to music, which led to a degree in Jazz Piano Arranging & Performance. During his music education, right at the cusp of what became the golden age of internet, Anthony discovered the www. Something new and exciting and something he had to become a part of. After working with several top-level advertising agencies, plus leading the marketing department and IPO of a .com, Anthony decided a slightly more organic and minimalist environment was appropriate and started up ZARO Media, Inc. From there, once the bridge between traditional IT companies and traditional Automation companies was formed, Anthony took ZARO Media to the next level, becoming Crestron dealers and Smart Home Automation integrators. Anthony is ZARO's head of design and operations.


Flavio Antenucci

Unlike Anthony, Flavio's interests were focused early on in the beauty and art of mathematics. Always one step ahead, there was nothing Flavio couldn't calculate or evaluate. It was a natural progression then, when Flavio majored in Accounting and Computer Science and eventually Teacher's College. But he too was bit by the internet bug of the early 90's, and during a summer off from school, decided to moonlight with a local .com. The rest is history as they say, as Flavio never looked back and instead had his go at various top-level advertising agencies as well, until joining ZARO Media soon after its inception. Flavio is proficient in nearly all programming languages and is ZARO's head of technical development and programming.