In keeping with our minimalist philosophy to things, one of our favorite things to integrate into all our systems is Climate Control. This is true because in terms of actual devices required for control, even the largest of homes will always have fewer AC units (and therefore thermostats) than say light dimmers or switches, or speakers and amplifiers, etc. In fact, along with possibly door locks, no other part of your Smart Home system can be controlled for less.



At first glance, Basalte’s Deseo is a beautiful and intelligent thermostat, but Deseo is much more than that. Deseo integrates to any Crestron 3-series processor and offers a simple and innovative user interface with touch-sensitive sensors that allows you to navigate through most functions in a room. Paired with Basalte’s complimentary Sentido light switches and dimmers, and thanks to the various elegant finishes in high-grade materials that are available, Deseo easily blends in every interior.


Among the thousands of products Crestron manufactures, Climate and Environment devices represent a segment that is unmatched by other integration companies. From thermostats, to indoor/outdoor sensors, to DIN-rail multi-zone thermostats, wireless or wired, there is no project we can’t handle. When properly designed using these powerful products, climate control becomes seamless and invisible. Your environment is never too hot or cold, it’s always just perfect.


With Crestron, your home is literally an extension of you and your lifestyle, making everything you love to do in your home easier to do. And when everything is easier, you feel more comfortable, peaceful, and secure. It’s the only complete, fully personalized, all-inclusive smart home, backed by renowned Crestron quality and reliability.