As Crestron Dealers & Integrators, our focus is the Crestron ecosystem. As such, we’ve experienced the results of a properly integrated (not interfaced) Automated System, and how critical proper design and quality of products is. Crestron drives innovation not only by manufacturing their own products, but also by partnering with industry-leading, cutting-edge manufacturers across the globe to bring us (and ultimately you, our customers), seamless technology integration for an unparalleled user experience.

Among those we’ve partnered with, or that we are dealers of directly include (but is not limited to):


Sonos wireless speakers bring every room and everyone together with incredible sound for music, TV and more. Sonos makes it easy to play what you love—music, podcasts, movies, shows, audiobooks, radio and more—and share it out loud with the ones you love, as all SONOS products integrate natively with the Crestron ecosystem.

Like Siri or Google Now, the Josh programming language is built to support natural language voice commands. This includes greetings, questions, instructions, and more. Further, Josh is built to control and connect any “smart” device, from any device and integrates seamlessly with Crestron. For example, with Josh you can turn on your speakers from your watch, change the temperature from your phone, shut off the lights from your desktop, etc.

Basalte creates unique user experiences for the Crestron Smart Home. Founded in 2008 in Ghent, Belgium, Basalte has built a product range that integrates with the Crestron ecosystem striving towards the creation of timeless products that are both elegant and simple to use. They do not only look or feel good, they are also great fun to use.

2N products are divided into 6 product groups that are used throughout the public and private sectors to help increase physical security and improve one’s daily life. We use 2N Door Stations and Intercoms to provide secure and comfortable communication with all Crestron Smart Home systems.


With Crestron, your home is literally an extension of you and your lifestyle, making everything you love to do in your home easier to do. And when everything is easier, you feel more comfortable, peaceful, and secure. It’s the only complete, fully personalized, all-inclusive smart home, backed by renowned Crestron quality and reliability.


At ZARO Media we are Crestron dealers and integrators. More than that we chose Crestron, and did so for a reason. Here, Dan Brady, Executive VP, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, shows you the exhaustive steps Crestron takes to deliver the most innovative and reliable products in the industry, from concept, design and prototyping, to testing and manufacturing, and why at Crestron you get a lot more than what you pay for!