Audio & Video

Audio & Video 

An Array of Technologies and Infrastructures

There are more AV technologies and infrastructures in use today than ever before: digital, analog, wireless, and streaming; copper, fiber, Ethernet, an d HDBaseT® technology. Any or all of them could be appropriate for your home. However, mixing all of these different technologies creates a host of potential problems. To succeed, you need a single platform that can seamlessly and intelligently integrate them all.

Crestron engineers unparalleled audio and video technology for home theaters, media rooms, living rooms and every space inside and out. Crestron’s legendary DigitalMediaTM and NVX platform ensures a spectacular 4K viewing experience on every screen; multi window processors allow you to watch 4 channels (or more) simultaneously. Add in Crestron’s award-winning Sonnex® audio system, precision-crafted speakers or SONOS’ wireless speakers and you are ready to enjoy the ultimate listening and entertainment experience.



From classic rock in the kitchen to progressive house in the shower, it’s easy to set the right tone wherever you are in your home. With Sonos® in tune with Crestron, the music goes with you.

Your Crestron smart home integrates seamlessly with wireless Sonos Home Sound Systems so your music flows freely through every room. Control what you hear and where you hear it with just the touch of a stylish Crestron touch screen, remote, or keypad. Trigger Sonos Favorites, play/pause, skip songs, view ‘Now Playing’ information, and easily turn off all audio zones. For even more control, launch the Sonos app directly on select Crestron touch screens.


Crestron’s DigitalMedia (DM) product line offers the widest range of AV connectivity and switching options in the industry. It’s a complete line of products engineered to work perfectly together, and most recently this includes Network AV (NVX).

Crestron’s DM NVX Series makes a no latency transmission of stunning 4K60 4:4:4 and HDR video over standard 1Gb Ethernet possible. This quality combined with the ability to add sources or displays, as needed, for systems ranging from very simple setups to the largest of mega projects makes DM NVX ideal for any size residential application.




The full range of Crestron technology working together for an unparalleled theater experience

In the past a cutting-edge home theater was simply not accessible for many families. ZARO Media changes all that by using Crestron products that simplifies home theater control to make your movie night look, feel, and sound like a star-studded world premier at nearly every budget. Whether it’s adjusting the best Crestron speakers, viewing the highest definition movie content, or choosing to watch 4 hockey games at once, our end-to-end solutions provide an easy and exhilarating experience for everyone. And while lesser theater systems combine products from multiple manufacturers and require a Ph.D. to operate, with Crestron you’ll immerse yourself in gorgeous movies, exciting sports, or cool gaming with just one touch.

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With Crestron, your home is literally an extension of you and your lifestyle, making everything you love to do in your home easier to do. And when everything is easier, you feel more comfortable, peaceful, and secure. It’s the only complete, fully personalized, all-inclusive smart home, backed by renowned Crestron quality and reliability.


All SONOS products integrate with Crestron natively. Making SONOS together with Crestron one of the easiest ways to set up a high quality home audio system.


Epic functionality. Bigger, better, faster touch screen. Beautiful, ergonomic design. Incredible button feel. Customizable for your world. Complete control in-hand.


DM NVX from Crestron is the 1Gb network AV solution that works with any network, any application, any design, anywhere.


The only 4K60 4:4:4 HDR solution over standard 1Gb Ethernet, the next generation DM NVX Series delivers the best image quality with no latency and infinite scalability.


Why is DM® NVX the gold standard for network AV? Get the inside story from the engineers behind NVX, and learn why there’s simply nothing else like it. Go to to learn more.