How We Work

Our work process has never been simpler, and it has to be. If it wasn't, unacceptable delays would be inevitable and meeting any goals (time, budget, etc.), would be virtually impossible.



Before we start actually producing for our clients, we do proper research as it pertains to our clients business and project. A discovery session is set up where we make sure all necessary paperwork is taken care of, an outline of the project is created, and all assets are gathered up.



Not all projects are the same, but every project has some aesthetics to it as well as specific goals or objectives that must be clearly defined in order to proceed. It's in this step we may ask specific questions that will define a basics for the project. Once we get sign-off we move on to the next step, but not before.



The first thing we do when we begin building a digital project or deploying a smart home project is setting up the architecture of the project to match the outline from step 1. This is followed by determining the styling, or look & feel of the project (if applicable). Key styling elements are produced, finalized content and assets are added, as much programing as possible is done in-house, and with feedback from our client, we massage and perfect these elements until we get sign-off or deploy the project.



To some, this is the most important step. Here we create a running punch-list of all testing and finishing touches the project will require before going live. If it's a smart home project, we literally test each element and as many scenarios as possible. This includes things like connecting to social accounts, setting custom error pages, proof reading all copy, verifying all hardware is functioning properly, and in general flushing out any bugs or errors missed along the way. Once complete, we're ready to handoff the project to our client.


5. Maintenance and ONWARD

While it's true that all good things come to an end, once a project has been completed and has gone live, we do not abandon our clients. A certain amount of unlimited maintenance is included with all the projects we complete. We feel this is necessary to keep a client's network, website, logo, brochure, media campaign (what ever it is we created), fresh and current. In fact, we often say that as soon as a project has gone live, it marks the beginning of v2.

Furthermore, there's a certain sense of security knowing we're always there for our clients, and that should anything come up (especially with security items controlled via your smart home automation set up0, we're only a phone call (or text, or email), away. That's how we establish solid long-term relationships, which we value as much as anything.


6. Our Software

If the project we built for you is a website, it is true that some websites are more "web applications" than websites and often times require complex database environments. Sometimes these web application also require a level of privacy that warrants a dedicated server farm. For these situations we've created our own proprietary Content Management System (CMS), which works wonders and is completely scalable and modular.

For sites that do not require such a robust/private back-end environment, but still requires serious DIY capabilities, especially for today's virtual eCommerce shops, etc., we've become Squarespace Circle Members.


ZARO Media, Inc. is an official Crestron dealer. With Crestron, we provide automation and control solutions for buildings and homes that let people control entire environments with the push of a button, integrating systems such as A/V, lighting, shading, IT, security, BMS, and HVAC to provide greater comfort, convenience, and security. All of the products offered are designed and built to work together as a complete system, enabling one to monitor, manage, and control everything from one platform.

As an added bonus, Crestron has partnered with SONOS, so we can now make your smart Crestron home work seamlessly with your SONOS smart speaker system. Control SONOS from Crestron touchscreens, remotes, keypads, and more. As Crestron Technology Professionals we can purchase SONOS products direct from Crestron offering you the full range of SONOS products at the best available price.

To inquire about any of the services ZARO Media offers, contact us today:

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